I was born in Ecuador where there are few options to develop professionally. One option is to become an entrepreneur because there’s no corporate ladder and no proper job stability unlike in other developed countries. By age 20 I had seen hyperinflation; Ecuador had destroyed its own currency, the Sucre (Ecuador presently uses US dollars), and a lot of political instability - for example, in February of 1997, I was 13, we had 3 presidents for just a week, imagine that!

That led me to study what makes the world work? How does it work? What is money? Why people work all their lives for it? How does it work? How do rich people become rich? Why so many have so little? I wanted to understand to deepen my knowledge of how the world works.

I became financially free at 25, with my third property investment. I invested in properties that nobody else wanted because it was too difficult to monetize, and I must say I still hold these properties to this day (do you want to say how you are able to hold them? I assume that you own them and rent them out? Is that how you create the income this way?). And that was just the beginning, then I did the same in the US.

How did I become financially free so early? In general, I spend very little, it also helps that I started early. It is not how much you make, it is how much you keep. It is a slow process but completely worth it.

Last year I traveled, for pleasure, over a period of 6 months throughout the year, accumulating a distance equivalent to 2.5 times around the world (according to Google). I love what I do as it means I can decide if I want to work in Amsterdam for a couple of months, or in Galapagos Islands, Miami… you name it. As I write this I’ve been in the Netherlands for almost 6 months. It has been an extraordinary life but it has not, will not, and will never be easy for anyone. But the best is still to come.