Value Investment Fund, INC.

What you should know about the fund:

In each annual letter, I will try to honestly assess the fund’s performance, reiterate my core investment philosophy, and share my thoughts on various issues.

I share some of the fund’s holdings this year and explain my thoughts behind each one. This way you can get a better idea of where, why, and how we invest, and why I am very confident about the prospects of the fund.
However, there will be times I do not mention some positions. Nor do I mention the size of the position. When more people find these (mostly small) companies, the price of the stock can move abruptly.

To entertain/educate friends, family, and investors, I have created a podcast and a blog.

In our fourth year, ending September 1, 2023, the fund has generated a 3.16% loss for a cumulative return of 3.5% since inception.

Ney Torres,
Portfolio Manager
Value Investing Fund, INC


Have you checked the podcast?
I interview mentors I have discovered through the decades; normal day to day people doing extraordinary things.

To create value for anyone that I can. Is that you? I want everyone that has the interest to understand how to live life under their terms.

How it will benefit you?
I’m giving you the road map to understanding the money and wealth strategies that I have learned through the decades, for free! I'm doing this so you can then figure what works for you or how to implement those nuggets of wisdom to your business and personal finances, as well as your life.


My personal mission is to democratize opportunities.

I'm a Serial Entrepreneur with a dual Master’s degree in Real Estate Development and Brokerage Management from Spain’s Polytechnic University and Ecuador’s San Francisco of Quito University, as well as undergraduate degrees in both Finance and Business Administration.

Nanodegrees in programming, digital marketing, machine learning, and others. My passion is stock markets, investing and Entrepreneurship.

I'm also a 2018 #1 Amazon best seller on "Digital Marketing" (Spanish)