Value Investment Fund, INC.

"In 2020 I started the Value Investment Fund, Inc. so I could manage funds from friends and family. I perhaps chose the worst year in my life to do it, however, we were mostly in cash when the market crashed due to Covid-19; As I write this (5/14/2020), our portfolio is in positive territory (+17%), but the market is still down (-18%). That's a 35 points difference, which I suspect will lower with time. We had been higher this year (over +20%), but also considerably lower than today's results too (-30%).

However, today our investments are protected which means I can sleep like a baby and so can you because, in the case of a second dip in the market, we'll automatically turn most of our positions into cash. But if the market continues its short term rally to previous highs we could be seeing a 50% return on assets.

To the friends and investors

In our first year, ending September 1, 2020, the fund has generated 86.48% in profits.

Ney Torres,
Portfolio Manager
Value Investing Fund, INC.


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